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An Intern’s Perspective: Meet The Press



This past Sunday, Yvonne invited me to join her while she attended “Meet The Press” in honor of South Shore Paperie’s relocation. Naturally, I was ecstatic, as I don’t get to attend fun events all that frequently, and am more likely to be found around the playground crowd. Consequently, my husband was super annoyed that he wasn’t allowed to attend, so I of course rubbed it in his face and mentally picked out my cutest summery cocktail dress and wedges.


As an intern, I always feel obligated to let everyone know why I am with Yvonne. People always look confused and then their expression clears once I’ve introduced myself. I think it’s because I’m a little awkward around new people so was sticking close to Yvonne. Either way, it was amazing (and such a relief)  to see that I am not the only person completely obsessed with Yvonne’s work. Especially since this particular soiree was comprised of guests who all work in so many different aspects of the event industry. I met a photographer who was just starting out, and one who is well known in the bridal circuit, a beauty stylist, event decorators, floral designers, rental company representatives, wedding planners and event designers, bloggers, and of course the amazing artists behind Bradley + Lily Fine Stationery and South Shore Paperie. Honestly, I may have to speak to them about some stationery or invitations for some of my own future events. Their work is absolutely lovely. Cute little notecards with sweet letterpress script and gorgeous tropical invitations, perfectly accented with hibiscus or orchids for a trademark destination wedding. Oh, and the adorable baby shower invites and sassy little notecards to send to friends.  So awesome. It was so exciting to finally meet some of the great people Yvonne is always raving about. Sandra and Mal from Finishing Touch were so sweet and savvy, Nichole from Nichole Weddings and Events was so classy and refined, and Diana from Oahu Wedding was so entertaining and fun. I can only imagine how much fun it is to work with them on a regular basis, and Yvonne loves their work, so of course it was awesome to meet such skilled and professional people.


I have to say as I was quietly surveying the party while sipping my spritzer, I thought everyone seemed so stylish and chic. Catching bits of conversation from around the highboys, there seemed to also be a lot of networking going on. There were amazing refreshments, (the wine spritzers were fantastic!), and an amazing array of delicious treats. I tried a macaroon for the first time in my life and almost passed out it was so delicious.  I seriously loved all the floral arrangements and the rich colorful hues used in the decor to convey the rustic charm meets Great Gatsby Glam feel. Of course, not being used to attending these sort of parties, I was always making a ridiculous face while the photographer roved around, and almost ate cement when I awkwardly tripped into a pothole. However, I was able to listen in on some interesting upcoming event conversations and I was amazed at how great everyone gels together to make these lavish celebrations for their clients. We talked about an amazing event coming up at the Loulu Palm Estate that has been in the works for 14 months, and needless to say I am so excited to be a part of the finished product. I just know it will be absolutely breathtaking. We also have the wedding on Lana’i to look forward to, which will be an amazing adventure to say the least. All in all, I had a great time and I am very much hoping I will attend many more industry events in the future, as they are so great to get to know other vendors and to learn from their many experiences, good and bad. Until then, I am thoroughly enjoying my experience with Yvonne and her team and I will continue to share my insights.




A look inside Meet The Press and South Shore Paperie:

The check-in table; A peek inside South Shore Paperie; A design created by Yvonne Design for the event;  Yvonne & Maria, Inside Meet The Press