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Inspired by Nature

This nature inspired wedding blended in so naturally yet made a stunning visual impact  at the breathtaking Paul Mitchell Estate in Lanikai.     Tropical flowers along with textured foliage were intertwined with wood, moss, and stones to create an organic feel.  Living plants like succulents and ferns were incorporating into each design.  No two designs were alike to add a touch of whimsy and to truly give this wedding it’s own unique look.  Adding to the whimsical look was the use of different table sizes and styles.  Wood tables were mixed with tables covered in linens with natural fibers.   Wood benches were also mixed with chiavari chairs.  Guests had the option of dining under a tent at a table or under a wood canopy on cozy lounge chairs.  Custom wood placemats and copper table tops added depth and interest to the dining area.  So much detail was involved in this wedding!  It was truly an experience for each guest to wander throughout the exquisite estate and explore the countless decor details.



The bride and groom were married under a wood canopy with hanging orchid and driftwood strands. Stones and driftwood lined  the aisle with ferns and succulents “planted” into the curving stone border. Submerged orchids and driftwood gave the aisle a dramatic appearance.

A touch of color was introduced at the cocktail hour.  Warm golden brown orchids were the feature flower.


The main dining tent

More details!






Event design: Yvonne Design

Coordination: Nichole Weddings & Events

Canopies, lighting,  furniture, fabric, custom structures: Mood Event

Photography: Kevin Lubera